About our company

Inteliventor Inc. opened for business in 2002 with one simple goal in mind… design items that would be unique, clever, and most importantly, our own. In 2004, Inteliventor gave birth to what would re-invent dining experience at Asian restaurants all over the world!

Funchop was created by a father who recognized the need for an alternative method in utilizing chopsticks for his children. It was a success! Not only did his children feel confident using chopsticks, they had fun with it. Soon after, he realized many adults had the same difficulties. So, he decided to upgrade Funchop and made it appealing for adults to use a well.

Within just two years of opening business, Funchop has expanded worldwide. In the U.S. alone we have over 1,500 privately owned restaurants and top franchises nationwide. With a U.S. patent, the success of Funchop has paved the way for our second item intended for retail stores. The retail pack includes five top quality bamboo chopsticks along with five Funchop helpers.

Now, whether it’s a sophisticated dinner party, a child’s birthday, or a corporate party, Funchop will make your special time an enjoyable experience. Come join the Funchop family today!