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    Reinvent your dining experience!

    Funchop is an easy way  to use chopsticks without making a fuss.

    Our primary goal is to make sure people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds are able to dine Asian with confidence.

    Funchop is easy to use, affordable and better yet, up to date with the trend.

    We are re-inventing dining experience worldwide, now let us re-design yours!

    Simply attach Funchops at the end your chopsticks and enjoy!

Catering & Party Size

Cater the fun!

Bring the ease of use and fun of chopsticks at your next event: Birthday parties, Baby showers, Weddings, Home parties...and more! Order Funchops for your next big event today! 

FunChops for restaurants- Show your customers the fun way to use chopsticks in your restaurant


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